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New Zealand Multicultural Business Advisory Board

The New Zealand Multicultural Business Advisory Board was launched on 5th August 2014 by Trade Minister Hon.Tim Groser. The entire board can be justly proud of them being the founding members and architect of this initiative.This entails building a team and growing the organisation relevant to the needs of the times and a strategic business plan.
To facilitate in partnership with established businesses, financial institutions, various business councils, central and local government agencies , business mentors and  various stakeholders an efficient, hands on and comprehensive support for Small and Medium Ethnic Enterprises (SMEEs) to enable them access capital resources and markets to make their businesses sustainable.


NZMBAB strives to be the pre-eminent New Zealand Business Advisory board connecting multicultural businesses to information services, training and providing them a platform for business development
Strategies to achieve Vision
1.            Establish financial viability and associated capacity to deliver value to Multi-Cultural Businesses
2.            Develop value proposition for and thus evolve Multi-Cultural Businesses brand attributes that live the vision
3.            Obtain endorsement from NZ Government as to our pre-eminence in the Multi-Cultural business field.

Executive Committee:

1. Wenceslaus Anthony - Chairman MNZBAB

Chairman and Managing Director of WAML Group Ltd

2. Maria Pooley

Managing Director Sunwave NZ International Ltd

3. Taz Mukorombindo

CEO Canterbury Business Association

4. Kane Smith

Director at Hamilton English Language Academy

5. Peter Cordtz

Former CEO Pacific Business Trust

6. Tayo Agunlejika

Executive Director Multicultural New Zealand

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