Multicultural Council of Wellington                                   

Postal Address: PO Box 1114, Wellington 6140





 President: Ravindran Annamalai

Mobile: (021) 196 1967


Vice President: Rachel Qi 

Secretary: Lesley Maxwell

Treasurer:  Prem Singh



Committee Member: 

1. Dr Siva Kumar 

2. Lonie Martin

3. Athar Bashir

4. Ross Patel

5. Raquel Saenz Casado





About Wellington
  • Wellington is the 13th largest region of New Zealand by land area, but has the third largest population.
  • The Wellington region includes the capital city Wellington and the urban centre of Masterton.
  • Wellington's average weekly income for people in paid employment is the second highest in New Zealand. It also has the second highest median house prices.

Wellington NZ

Wellington City Council

Te Papa Museum

Wellington Gumtree

Grow Wellington

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