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Christchurch Multicultural Council


Postal: PO Box 8453, Christchurch 8440 





    President: Dr. Surinder Tandon
    Mobile: 021 295 1089

    Vice Presidents -

                               Dr Hero Modares

                               Manish Pandey


     Secretary: Farahnaz Khosravi

     Treasurer: Audrey Davies







About Christchurch

  • Canterbury is the largest region of New Zealand by land area and has the 2nd largest population.
  • The major city of Christchurch is located in the Canterbury region as is the urban centre of Timaru.
  • Canterbury has the lowest annual average rainfall of the regions (using Christchurch Gardens' weather station).
  • Canterbury's average weekly income for people in paid employment is the 3rd highest in New Zealand.
  • It has the fourth highest median house prices.
  • Unemployment in Canterbury is currently the 2nd lowest rate in New Zealand

Activities and Programmes

As we have the office in the city's centre, many people visit our office and contact us over phone. DMEC is really flourishing.

Besides all the events we conduct regular monthly meetings and social gatherings in the selected places of members which is really works for bring a sense of unity among the members.


Christchurch, The Garden City

University of Canterbury

Christchurch Library

Christchurch City Council


Contact us for providing all kinds of information relating to working in Christchurch, such as information on courses, where to have documents translated, how to get overseas qualifications recognized, entry requirements for specific occupations and much more.


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