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Wellington Ethnic Communities Engagement Summit

The second of 3 national summits following the first held in Auckland.  The summit aims to create stronger links between the different ethnic communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, and with the wider community sector.

The Wellington summit will be held at Victoria University of Wellington , VUW Seminar, Room 501, Pipitea on Saturday 28 May, titled ‘I know what the media tells you, but do you know who I am?’ and will be a candid participatory event with discussion between panellists and the audience on the roles of diverse cultures in New Zealand society.

Please click here for the free registration and programme plan.

The purpose of the summit is:

To create a platform for better understanding and engagement and celebrate the role of the many cultural groupings within New Zealand society.

To build a sense of unity among other ethnic peoples and to explore how they can contribute and add value to the community and to the nation.

The day will have three main sessions:
1. Cultural and Ethnic communities and their engagement with Maori and the Treaty of Waitangi
2. Cultural and Ethnic communities’ perceptions and understandings of themselves and of each other
3. Cultural and Ethnic communities and their representations by the mainstream and ethnic media.

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