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Government seeks feedback on Universal Periodic Review Recommendations


Government seeks feedback on Universal Periodic Review Recommendations

12 April 2019

New Zealand’s review took place at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on 21 January 2019.
77 countries made a total of 194 recommendations to New Zealand on further steps it can take to improve our human rights situation. The recommendations are included in the attached draft report of the Human Rights Council.
The Government will formally respond to these recommendations in June 2019. The Government is inviting people to send feedback on the recommendations received during New Zealand’s third UPR.
Rajesh Chhana, Ministry of Justice Deputy Secretary Policy, said that “the Universal Periodic Review process provides a valuable opportunity for us to engage in an open discussion about New Zealand’s human rights record, and to learn from the collective experience of the international community."
“Many countries commended New Zealand for the progress made since the last review in 2014, and highlighted some of the positive achievements in recent years. These included our actions to protect the rights of vulnerable groups, and a demonstrated commitment to the promotion of human rights.”
Mr Chhana says countries also identified challenges facing New Zealand and made recommendations in areas where more work is needed, such as combatting family and sexual violence, delivering better outcomes for children, and promoting gender equality.

The Ministry of Justice is conducting targeted stakeholder engagement to support the Government’s consideration of the recommendations from the UPR. The public's input is much appreciated as it will assist them to identify which recommendations are prioritised the most by New Zealanders.
Due to the tight time frame given to New Zealand to respond to the United Nations, there is limited time available for submissions. Comments are limited to 500 words so that they can analyse all submissions.
They would appreciate it if submissions focus on specific recommendations and reflect on the recommendations made to New Zealand by other countries, rather than raising new issues.
Stakeholder engagement closes on Wednesday 13 March 2019 at 5pm. You may forward the feedback link on to others if you wish.
You can submit your feedback here.
Read the recommendations made to the Government here and find out more information about the Universal Periodic Reviewhere.
For more information please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Ministry of Justice Email:

Government seeks feedback on Universal Periodic Review Recommendations

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