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The New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils is a non-government body acting as an umbrella organisation for the ethnic communities of New Zealand. Its primary role is to promote, support and share information among the Regional Councils and New Zealand's Ethnic Communities. Read more.



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Women's Council elects officers for 2015-16

The Women's Council has re-elected President Lonie Martin of Wellington for a further term and elected a new Treasurer, Anita Mansell and Secretary, Barbara Bedeschi. Read more here.

Call for greater diversity on school boards

Multicultural New Zealand has called for action to make school boards of trustees more representative of the communities they serve. This was one of several topics discussed at the Annual General Meeting in Upper Hutt on 26-28 June. Read more here.

World Refugee Day 2015

World Refugee Day is on 20 June, but events to mark the day in New Zealand started on 13 June. Read the details of events here.

Our Strategic Plan 2015-16

11 May 2015

The Executive has this month reviewed Multicultural New Zealand's Strategic Plan and adopted strategic priorities for 2015-16. Read more here.

Time for a cultural shake-up in our school governance?

Blog, 8 May 2015

Twenty percent of school students in Auckland are of Asian descent. But of the 4000 school trustees, only two per cent are Asian. With school board of trustees elections coming up next year, it's time to do something about making our school boards of trustees more representatives of the communities they serve, says former Race Relations Commissioner and Multicultural New Zealand Honorary Advisor Joris de Bres. Read more here

Annual General Meeting 26-28 June

 30 April 2015

The 26th Annual General Meeting of Multicultural New Zealand, the NZ Federation of Multicultural Councils will take place from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon 26-28 June at Orongomai Marae in Upper Hutt.  Read more here.  

Agreement reached on kirpan ban complaint  

 24 April 2015

Multicultural New Zealand and the Supreme Sikh Council have reached agreement with the organisers of the Cricket World Cup 2015 in response to a complaint made by Multicultural New Zealand to the Human Rights Commission that banning the wearing of a kirpan at a CWC match at Eden Park was discriminatory on the grounds of religious belief. Read more here.

Talking about multiculturalism

20 April 2015

Multicultural New Zealand is currently holding workshops throughout New Zealand to encourage discussion on a vision for a successful multicultural society and the barriers to achieving it. Nearly 20 workshops have been held to date from Auckland to Invercargill, and more are planned over the coming two months. Read more here.

Submission on New Zealand’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

10 February 2015

A submission by Multicultural New Zealand is presented on New Zealand’s periodic report to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on New Zealand’s compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Read it here.

Submission on New Zealand's compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child

9 February 2015

Multicultural New Zealand made a submission in February 2105 on the draft Government report to the United Nations on the Rights of the Child. We focused particularly on the situation of children of ethnic minorities. Read it here.

Submission to Statistics New Zealand

28 January 2015

Submission of Multicultural New Zealand, the Federation of Multicultural Councils to Statistics New Zealand on  the Objectives of the Civic and Cultural Participation supplement to the New Zealand General Social Survey 2016. Read it here.

A new place for Multicultural New Zealand in cyberspace

BLOG POST: 9 January 2015

Welcome to our brand new Multicultural New Zealand website. It coincides with our celebration of 25 years of achievement as a champion of multiculturalism and harmonious race relations. It is also a way to reassert the Federation's primary role to promote, support and share information among the Regional Councils and New Zealand's Ethnic Communities. Read the Executive Director’s opening blog post here.

Ethnic minorities under-represented and under-paid in public service

Media release 8 December 2014

Public servants from ethnic minorities continue to be under-represented in the senior management of government departments and they continue to be paid significantly below the average public service salary according to Multicultural New Zealand. Read more here.

Multicultural NZ launches history of its first 25 years

Media release 19 November 2014

 Multicultural New Zealand this month celebrated its 25th anniversary with the publication of a history book. Read more here.


Multicultural New Zealand election policies 2014

February 2014

In the lead-up to the 2014 Parliamentary elections, Multicultural New Zealand prepared a series of election policies and presented them to political parties. Read more here


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