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ValuesNZMBAB adopted the following values that will guide everything we do:

  • Inclusion by which we mean belonging to the group with the feeling of being significant with something to add and not a fear of being ignored. Inclusiveness is the first step to effective interpersonal relationships that enhances self-esteem and therefore creativity and innovation.
  • Transparency by which we mean staying non-defensive, being authentic having collaborative intentions; making a personal commitment to mutual success for all parties in our dealings. It includes active listening and clarifying issues and interests from any assumptions.
  • Credibility by which we mean authenticity and congruent delivery of information; the tone and manner of delivery can sabotage the message. We need to be able to communicate concerns as well as information, which is only a small percentage of the message, so on phone and hard copy we need to make clear our intentions.
  • Trust by which we mean the emotional glue that binds us together and captures each of our discretionary energy and commitment, increasing the climate of openness; people feel safe and are committed to talking honestly about difficult issues in order to solve real problems. The level of trust matches the level of truth being told - telling the truth is a combination of awareness, honesty and openness
  • No surprises by which we mean a summary of the above without fear.

Objectives  •             To encourage cultural diversity in New Zealand businesses;
•             To promote ethnic minority entrepreneurship;
•             To provide opportunities for networking between SMEEs, local and central government and the wider business community;
•             To publicise the positive contribution of SMEEs to New Zealand and to work towards the reduction of barriers to participation and engagement with mainstream commercial and business associations;
•             To support SMEEs engagement with local and central government on issues that affect them; facilitate efficient networking among service providers, policy makers and SMEEs;
•             To support SMEEs with information on New Zealand business culture and environment and other relevant resources, and encourage good business practices;
•             To encourage ethnic communities to support SMEEs and SMEEs to support ethnic communities and multicultural projects;
•             To explore how the voice of SMEEs can be better heard.

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