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MNZ seeks OWDSOCKS Ambassador



The OWDSOCKS campaign is a Multicultural New Zealand’s initiative which seeks to raise awareness and eliminate all forms of discrimination in New Zealand - including but not limited to culture, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and disability.

While other campaigns focus on a single or narrow set of issues OWDSocks is a broad campaign to empower all Kiwis to be proud of being different -   hence the simple but powerful campaign tag line: “It’s OK to be different”. We believe that our differences make our society richer, stronger, more innovative and interesting. We want to empower all Kiwis – but especially young people who are most likely to be victims of discrimination - to be proud of being different. Every kiwi should be able to realize their full potential.

The campaign also seeks to raise awareness about the level of discrimination in New Zealand and encourage Kiwis to think about how they can help reduce discrimination in their communities. Discrimination not only hurts those being discriminated against it hurts everyone and we want as many Kiwis as possible to do their part to reduce discrimination in New Zealand.
OWDSocks Key Messages

•           It’s OK to be different
•           People from different backgrounds make society richer, stronger and more interesting
•           There is more discrimination happening in our country than most people realize  
•           Discrimination not only hurts those being discriminated against it harms everyone
•           Do your part and help reduce discrimination in New Zealand

People can show support for the campaign by uploading pictures themselves wearing odd socks on social media using #OWDSocks and/or buying an OWDsocks T-shirt.


To help launch the campaign we are seeking a small number of New Zealanders to become OWDSocks ambassadors. The role of an OWDSocks ambassador is to help promote the principles of the campaign and convey the OWDSocks messages to others.

We want to show young people in New Zealand that being different is OK and it is no barrier to achieving their full potential. We also want to remind Kiwis that we are diverse society and are better for it.

To help us achieve these goals we would like you to become an OWDSOCKS ambassador.

If you decide to take up the challenge and become an OWDSocks ambassador or you have any questions regarding the ambassador project, please contact Arish Naresh (022 624 8145) or email

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