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Multicultural Whangarei Joins Multicultural New Zealand:

We are delighted to introduce our new member Multicultural Whangarei.  Multicultural Whangarei was previously known as the Whangarei Migrant Centre. It has become the 20th Regional Member Councils to affiliate with Multicultural New Zealand.
The Multicultural Whangarei plays an important role in New Zealand communities, particularly in providing support, networking and information among migrant and ethnic communities and act diligently towards the successful integration and settlement for migrants and refugees in the Whangarei Community. Their executive comprises of five members that operates under the headship of Jos Taylor-Colhurst.
MNZ is glad that Multicultural Whangarei made the decision to form a strategic affiliation with us to grow the ethnic, migrant and refugee community’s collective voice and jointly support and build the capacity of our community.
We hope that this relationship will be a long lasting and prosperous one. We believe that this is the beginning of bond created with a region that is diversifying and we look forward to supporting you make it happen.

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