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NZFMC Absolute Insight Building Workshop for Seniors


NZFMC Absolute Insight Building workshop for Seniors

NEWS: 1 February 2017

The Multicultural New Zealand is organising the Insight Building Workshop for Seniors on 11 March 2017 at Filipino Community Centre, 90 Cuba Street, Petone and hosted by the NZFMC Seniors Council.
New Zealand is amongst the most culturally and ethnically diverse nations in the world. With the increase in growth rate of the migrant communities in NZ, there is a higher probability for the New Zealand’s ageing migrant population becoming much noticeable in the future. Helping our aged people to remain active and motivating them for an unceasing service to the community provides a stable economy and society. Keeping them active also improves their level of independency, which in turn provides them a healthy physical and mental life.

It is sad and we need to accept the fact that many of the seniors from our ethnic migrant communities have been unaware of the valuable resources available to the Senior Citizens in NZ that can contribute to their betterment. There is a need for an increase in demand for the multicultural services and non – English services at areas such as health agencies and other social sectors as a result of the increase in the elderly abuse and family violence rate among the ethnic communities. Educating our elderly people about the various benefits available in NZ can remove their ignorance and the negative effects of isolation.


The NZFMC Seniors Councils offer an opportunity for the elderly people to engage and to be productive at their community and family life.

The senior representatives from our regional multicultural Councils around NZ and senior leaders from the Hutt Valley region will be invited to participate in the Insight building workshop hosted by the NZFMC Seniors Council. At the Workshop, the representatives will gain information on the various tools and techniques that the seniors can use to handle elderly abuse and violence at their home and community. They will also gain knowledge on various benefits of superannuation scheme, pension scheme and savings for retirement and positive ageing. An action plan will be generated by the Seniors Council which can be implemented around all the regions for the benefit of our elderly people. The participants will act as leaders/mentors and will offer support and help when needed through their respective Regional Multicultural councils. The main advantage of this workshop is that the diversity and proven capability among the executives of the Seniors council and representatives from our regional members can offer a collective platform to understand the various cultural challenges/barriers and to tackle them with compassion and proficiency.

Please click here for a draft programme plan.


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NZFMC Absolute Insight Building Workshop for Seniors

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