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Race Relations Day to Focus on Empowering Inspirational Leadership from Youth

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Race Relations Day is celebrated annually in New Zealand on March 21st to promote and celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and harmony among different cultural, ethnic, and religious groups.  

As part of Race Relations Day 2023, Multicultural New Zealand and regional multicultural councils are joined by other community organisations, schools, and government agencies to host events and activities that showcase the diversity and richness of New Zealand's cultures. These events foster intercultural understanding, build bridges of friendship and solidarity, and inspire young people to take action towards a more equitable, inclusive, and peaceful society. 
This year, the theme for Race Relations Day is 'Ka hao te rangatahi - Empowering inspirational leadership.' The theme of empowering inspirational leadership highlights the importance of youth voices and their potential to lead positive change in their communities. "In many ways it is the rangatahi that are showing us what it means to be a Tiriti-based Multicultural Aotearoa,” said Pancha Narayanan, President of Multicultural New Zealand. 

"We believe that young people are not only the future leaders of New Zealand but also the present agents of change," Mr Narayanan said. "We want to give rangatahi the tools, support, and recognition they deserve to make a positive impact on their communities and beyond." 
Multicultural New Zealand acknowledges the work of Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon and the Human Rights Commission. “The enthusiasm and support for this kaupapa over the years has been instrumental for a successful campaign and occasion,” Mr Narayanan says. “We are privileged to have genuine and passionate leaders such as this in our country.”  

Race Relations Day 2023 promises to be a vibrant and inspiring celebration that honors the diversity and resilience of New Zealand's people and strengthens the bonds of Kiwi unity and shared values. 

For more information about Race Relations Day 2023 and how to get involved, you can the Human Rights Commission website: 

Race Relations Day to Focus on Empowering Inspirational Leadership from Youth

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