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To be the lead organisation that works on promoting cultural diversity, educates about tolerance and harmony and provides a voice for the minority groups in Tairawhiti region.

To promote multiculturalism, educate and inform the wider communities on the benefits of diversity.
Work towards successful settlement of migrants and refugees into our region.
Advocate for peace and harmony and speak out against issues such as racial discrimination


Our collective cultures span many thousand of years and with it come all the diverse customs, rituals, beliefs and values. Our organization is founded on values, which are the pillars of how we work Together for a truly di-verse Tairawhiti.

Development of logo that represents migration and diversity
Jess Jacobs and Brendon Terekia- local artist developed the logo for Tairawhiti Multicultural which represents the following:

The birds represent migration.
The koru at the heart of the logo represent diversity and growth.
The colours represent the universal colours of peace, nature and humanity.


Tairawhiti Multicultural Council will host the next National Council meeting of the Federation at the Te Poho O Rawiri Marae Kait, Gisborne on the weekend of 8th to 10th November 2013.

Delegates from all over New Zealand will converge for the firts time in Gisborne to discuss issues affecting the ethnic, migrant and communities.  More detaisl are available on the NZFMC website

Upcoming Local Body Election views and blogs of local candidates features in the first newsletter of Tairawhiti Multicultural Council. READ MORE...


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