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The New Zealand Newcomers Network Merges with NZFMC


As we celebrated International Volunteer Day on the 5 December, MNZ and NZ Newcomers Network (NZNN) used the opportunity to announce our merger. The merger will develop and maintain our productive partnership with NZNN and offers a platform to maximise our impact at the community level. It will enable us to create and maintain a national network of Migrant Service Centres comprising including RMCs, independent Migrant Centres and Newcomers Networks. At the NZNNs AGM on 18 November the trustees formally ratified this exciting ‘next step’ and formally wound up the NZNN Trust. MNZ will continue to run New Zealand Newcomers Network programmes under the umbrella of our Incorporated Society, thereby enabling the kaupapa and great work of NZNN to continue.
The NZNNs Manager will remain in her role and will continue to support and empower regional Newcomers Networks to create informal social networks that provide opportunities for people to connect and make friends. As we chart the course, we will create new interconnected groups with a mission to promote collaboration and communication by bringing together representatives from other groups to realize diversity goals and objectives.
We see the merger as a logical next step in expanding the significant work we continue to do in our communities. We are seeking to enhance our commitment to the community as well as serve the needs of our newcomers. We are building on the excellent work of prior years, focusing on a more comprehensive approach to community, and exploring a multitude of ways to engage in civil discourse and civic engagement.
This is a momentous step and we are excited to be part of the work that continues to fulfil our mission linking service learning with community including Maori, Pacific, Ethnic, Migrant, Refugee and Youth engagement so that each strengthens the other.

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