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Multicultural New Zealand (MNZ), Aotearoa’s oldest and senior-most pan-ethnic organisation, warmly acknowledges and expresses deep appreciation for the contributions and championship of Meng Foon as he announces his resignation as Race Relations Commissioner. 

MNZ, with 25 regional multicultural councils around the country, joins iwi taketake communities, organisations, and others who value and celebrate the country’s rich tapestry of cultures to to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Foon for his work 

“Meng Foon has been a highly responsive and dependable supporter and colleague over the past six years,” says MNZ’s President, Mr Pancha Narayanan.  

“He was very quick to grasp and raise the banner for MNZ’s Huarahi Hou and Tiriti-based multiculturalism in Aotearoa. He has put genuine faith and credibility in the community to lead this sort of workin our eyes that is a role model relationship.” 

Mr Foon's support for grassroots initiatives and community-led projects has been invaluable in amplifying diverse voices and empowering underrepresented communities.  

“It was not uncommon to be able to catch Meng at small community events around the country, including those of our 25 regional multicultural councils,” reflects Mr Narayanan. 

“By engaging directly with the community, actively hearing their needs and sharing their celebrations, he has created spaces for dialogue that have paved the way for greater understanding and collaboration between community and government. 

Multicultural New Zealand acknowledges Mr Foon's passion, presence and commitment to building a stronger, more inclusive New Zealand. His ability to engage with people from all walks of life, his open-mindedness, and his genuine compassion have touched the lives of countless individuals and communities, fostering unity and respect among diverse cultures.  

As we express our gratitude, we also wish Mr. Foon continued success in his future endeavours.” Narayanan says. We have no doubt that his leadership and dedication will continue to positively influence the lives of people in New Zealand. 


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