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Social Enterprise Development Programme

20 December 2016 


we are delighted to advise you that our 2016 funding application to Nikau Foundation for Social Enterprise Development Programme (as a pilot if successful to be extended to other RMCs) has been successful.  We have secured funding through the Richard and Doreen Evans Charitable Trust and is to be used for developing a plan for a social enterprise. It is important to note that the grant’s geographical coverage/participation is limited to Wellington Region only but we have talked to Akina and agreed to have other Lower North Island RMCs inclusion as well.


 The brief context of the project:  

Due to current funding constraints and future funding uncertainty amongst RMCs, MNZ considers it prudent to develop sustainable funding streams in order to ensure its future financial viability and reduce reliance on external funding. We believe our collaboration with Akina, MNZ has a desire to support RMCs to achieve this by developing a social enterprise project in order to generate a cash surplus to support their organisation. This social enterprise would be aligned with RMCs/MNZ current mission, but would be in addition to current services delivered. 

Role of Akina is to provide high level of support and Akina’s intention is that the programme will be designed to transfer capability to RMCs in order to support their future self-sufficiency and reduce their reliance on Ākina in the long-term. The Ākina Foundation will provide the required support to MNZ in order to generate, evaluate and initiate a new social enterprise idea. This support will take the form of facilitation, advisory and training services. 


The goal of the programme for Wellington Region RMCs: 

  • The workshop would bring together community leaders, executives and volunteers to work together on creating a social enterprise that would support RMCs and further their mission.
  • To begin the process of investigating social enterprise as a way to generate sustainable income and reduce reliance on external funding.
  • Introduce basic understanding of idea generating and evaluation tools
  • Pool of ideas for further investigation
  • Decide or nominate working group for project stage 2


Programme of support would include:

  • A one day workshop at Orongomai marae in Upper Hutt on Saturday 4 March 2017 from 10.00am to 4.00pm.
  • On-going coaching of six 2 – 3 hours sessions for the working group to evaluate and rank ideas
  • Begin process of investigation (ideas viability, validation and modelling)
  • The ideas with the highest potential and a plan could then be taken to funders in order to gain the financial support necessary to finalise and implement one or more strategies.


Principles guiding the project:

-              Akina is agile and flexible to MNZ/RMCs needs

-              Commitments from MNZ/RMCs between sessions

-              Community lead

-              Akina to focus on enabling rather than answering

-              Team expertise versus continuity


  This workshop may include some or all of:






To explore techniques for generating ideas to investigate in the rest of the project.

       Asset Mapping

       Design Thinking



To explore the process of implementing new revenue options including relevant concepts, frameworks and tools

       Lean Start-up

       Business Model Canvas

       Value Proposition

       Financial Modelling   


Social Enterprise Development Programme

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