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Vision, Mission and Values 

Vision - Te Whāinga Tāhuhu:

HUARAHI HOU: Pathway to empowering Te Tiriti-based multicultural communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Mission - Whakatakanga:

Growing adequately funded and resourced volunteering capacity to support tangata tiriti to achieve successful integration into their respective communities.

Values - Whanonga Pono:

MNZ Values
  1. Everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand has at least one ethnicity.
  2. Give nothing to racism.
  3. E Tū Whānau values for a safe multicultural Aotearoa New Zealand.
  4. Non-political, working with mana whenua and the government of the day.
  5. Relationships and networks are our assets.
  6. Respecting and valuing the contributions of those who have gone before us.
E Tu Whanau Values
  1. Aroha - giving with no expectation of return
  2. Whanaungatanga - it's about being connected
  3. Whakapapa - knowing who you are and where you belong
  4. Mana manaaki - building the mana of others, through nurturing gowing and challenging
  5. Kōrero awhi - positive communication and actions
  6. Tikanga - doing things the right way, according to our values
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